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Talumpati competition June 17, 2010

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This is a continuation of the Linggo ng Wika post.

But if there is one competition during Buwan ng Wika that I wish I should have joined, it was the talumpati competition. There are 2 kinds of talumpati: talumpating handa and talumpating di-handa. I think the first one, talumpating handa is much easier but not that exciting as compared to talumpating di-handa wherein the topic for the talumpati is on the day of the contest. The contestants will be given around 5-10 minutes to compose their talumpati on the spot. How I would love to experience the nervousnes, the adrenaline rush, panicking and squeezing my brain just to organize my thoughts in such little time,. Maybe I would faint but would be back into consciousness just right before it’s my turn to speak.

How I wish we still do these things in college.


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