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Linggo ng Wika June 17, 2010

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Since I was in preschool until I was in high school, we always had Linggo ng Wika (or even Buwan ng Wika) programs during the month of August. We celebrate this occassion by having various contests among students showcasing their talent especially in Filipino.

We would have folk dancing competitions. I remember myself being the star dancer in our dance act when I was in grade 3. We danced an Igorot dance, we wore costumes and had it with matching accessories and props like clay pots and bamboo that truly made us look like real Igorots and Igorotas.

I also remember joining Tula competition. I would practice for weeks, memorizing the poem, vocalizing and getting the right tone of my voice for the poem with actions to interpret it.

I also joined sanaysay competitions or essay writing competitions in Filipino. Writing in Filipino is a lot easier than writing in English, I must say. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to win in any of those writing competitions that I joined. The competition was tough. I was the school’s representative for BULPRISA or Bulacan Private Schools Association. So I competed against 25-30 students from other private schools in the other districts of Bulacan. Never the less, I was very thankful that I was chosen to represent our school in the said competition. I felt very honored.

….to be continued.


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