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Linggo ng Wika part 2 June 17, 2010

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If we had individual feats, we also had group feats or group performances. I remember the times when me and my classmates would practice everyday after classes together with our class adviser just to perfect our stint. Every year, the requirement for the competition varies. There was a time when the requirement was to perform a dula or play. When I was in first year high school, for our dula, I remember we did our own version of the epic Hud-hud of the Ifugaos. This epic is about Aliguyon’s life and heroism and how he defeated Pambukhayon. There are many other Filipino epics that we have which are very interesting and inspiring at the same time.

We also had story telling competitions and most of the time we tell about mga alamat or legends. Some of my favorite alamats are Alamat ng Bulkang Mayon, Alamat ng Pinya and Alamat ng Bulkang Taal.

….to be continued.


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