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Francisco Balagtas and His Filipino Poems June 17, 2010

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Ngayong namamanglaw sa pangunguliala,
ang ginagawa kong pag-alo sa dusa,
nag-daang panaho’y inaala-ala,
sa iyong larawa’y, ninitang ginhawa.

Francisco Balagtas is one of the most well-known poets here in the Philippines. He is also known for being called as Francisco Baltazar or just Balagtas. He was born in Bigaa, Bulacan (my kababayan! Bigaa, i believe, is now named after him, thus we have Balagtas, Bulacan) and died in Udyong, Bataan on Feb. 20, 1872. He was well known for his Filipino poems and one of his greatest works is Florante at Laura. I loved reading it when I was in first year high school!


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