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Vanity May 13, 2010

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As girls, we always want to look perfect and flawless all of the time. We are very conscious on how we look and we always make sure that there’s nothing wrong with us.

First of all, we always want to stay fit. We are figure-conscious and we watch what we eat. No excessive cholesterol, carbohydrates and sugar in our food so that our figure will stay in shape. Adequate exercise and a healthy lifestyle also help.

Another is maintaining a healthy, radiant and smooth skin. We often do this by using whitening and softening creams which can be bought in drugstores and beauty shops. We make sure that there are no impurities and blemishes in our skin especially in our faces. Frequent trips to spas and facial centers help us in achieving so. Also, we do not like having hair especially on our faces. In the earlier times, Female facial hair can be hard to remove but nowadays, there are a lot of ways on how we can keep our faces hair-free.


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