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Crazy over Strawberry March 17, 2010

Filed under: Food — tiffanyzee21 @ 5:02 pm

Okay, so before writing this one, I must first stop staring and drooling over this pic. Credits to my high school friend, Mr. Marben Agomaa for sharing with us one of his mouth-watering creations.

Earlier this day, I bought some strawberries somewhere, I also bought some for a friend who said whenever I’ll buy one, I should get some for her too. Unfortunately, what I got were not as good as the ones in the pic. (Prolly, those ones in the pic are imported.)

I love strawberries. Strawberry candy, strawberry ice cream, strawberry scent, strawberry jam, Strawberry Shortcake (?), everything’s that strawberry!

Actually, I’ve attempted making chocolate-coated strawberries before but they were, uhmm, let’s just say far from the ones in the pic but because I made them myself, they’re more special than any other choco-coated strawberry in the world. (And no one should argue with me. Haha!) But I’d say I should still work on my skills to perfect this art, if we may call it as such.

Until then, I’ll just practice more often and drool over this pic some more. :/


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