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Buhay Kolehiyala. March 17, 2010

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Waking up everyday at 5 am. Skipped breakfasts. Public transportation. Climbing up the stairs ’til 5th floor. Endless lectures. Demanding professors. Assignments. Quizzes. Thesis. OJT.

This is not easy.

Everyday, I go through all of these. Stressful, I must say; but these things have become more of an internally programmed module which my mind and body have been compiling and running continuously for 3 years now.

This is the same reason why we should have those little carefree moments once in a while. Letting my hair down for a while, sharing laughs and a drink or two with friends is what’s me keeping me sane in spite all the pressures in life.

College life is never that easy. But with the right friends and right choices, who would ever say it is?


2 Responses to “Buhay Kolehiyala.”

  1. Did you mention that we had demanding professors? :)) riiiiight

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