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Most Popular Philippine Epics June 17, 2010

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Philippine epics are marvelous forms of literature. Some of the most famous

Philippine epics are Biag ni Lam-Ang from the Ilocos region, Hud-hud and Alim

of the Ifugaos. Epics are usually about the main character’s life and heroism.

It’s nice to read Philippine epics because you can actually learn a lot from them.


Spa and Massage – Luxury or Necessity?

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After a hard day’s work, there no other relaxing thing to do than rewarding yourself with a massage or a spa.

Swedish, Thai, hot stone, deep tissue, Shiatsu, reflexology or hilot. Whichever you massage style you choose, for sure those stressed muscles will be soothed and relaxed in no time. Gearing you up for another day (or week) of hard work.


Talambuhay ni Idol

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Marami akong iniidolo.

Johnny Depp. Drew Barrymore. Ryo Ishikawa. Kim Bum.

Jose Rizal. Ninoy Aquino. Andres Bonifacio.

Zooey Deschanel. Alicia Keys. Blake Lively.

Dick Gordon. Jojo Binay. Mahatma Gandhi.

At napalaking tulong at tuwa para sa isang tulad kong taga-hanga ang makapag basa ng talambuhay ng isa sa aking mga iniidolo. Sa pamamagitan ng pagbabasa ng kanilang talambuhay, ako ay makakapulot ng mga munting aral mula sa kanilang mga pinagdaanan, mas makikilala ko sila at mas makakarelate na kumbaga. Ang pagbabasa ng talambuhay ng iyong idolo ay tila para na ring pakikipagkwentuhan na rin sa kanya o pagsuot ng kanyang sapatos sa isang araw.

Sana, sa darating na panhon, makabasa ko ng talambuhay ng isa sa aking mga idolo.


Say Hello to a Call Center Career

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Filipinos are one of the best English speakers in Asia. That is why most business process outsourcing companies dealing with customer care and support abroad do offshore operations here in the country not just because of cheaper costs but also because we have one of the best resources around.

Having a call center career is never that easy. Believe me, I’ve been there, I’ve done that (literally). Working at graveyard shifts is not a joke, you will get your body clock confused. Stress and pressure is also expected. Most of the call centers here are managed by a parent company in abroad so the management would be adopted so expect a westernized management (read: strict).

to be continued………


Talumpati competition

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This is a continuation of the Linggo ng Wika post.

But if there is one competition during Buwan ng Wika that I wish I should have joined, it was the talumpati competition. There are 2 kinds of talumpati: talumpating handa and talumpating di-handa. I think the first one, talumpating handa is much easier but not that exciting as compared to talumpating di-handa wherein the topic for the talumpati is on the day of the contest. The contestants will be given around 5-10 minutes to compose their talumpati on the spot. How I would love to experience the nervousnes, the adrenaline rush, panicking and squeezing my brain just to organize my thoughts in such little time,. Maybe I would faint but would be back into consciousness just right before it’s my turn to speak.

How I wish we still do these things in college.


Linggo ng Wika part 2

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If we had individual feats, we also had group feats or group performances. I remember the times when me and my classmates would practice everyday after classes together with our class adviser just to perfect our stint. Every year, the requirement for the competition varies. There was a time when the requirement was to perform a dula or play. When I was in first year high school, for our dula, I remember we did our own version of the epic Hud-hud of the Ifugaos. This epic is about Aliguyon’s life and heroism and how he defeated Pambukhayon. There are many other Filipino epics that we have which are very interesting and inspiring at the same time.

We also had story telling competitions and most of the time we tell about mga alamat or legends. Some of my favorite alamats are Alamat ng Bulkang Mayon, Alamat ng Pinya and Alamat ng Bulkang Taal.

….to be continued.


Linggo ng Wika

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Since I was in preschool until I was in high school, we always had Linggo ng Wika (or even Buwan ng Wika) programs during the month of August. We celebrate this occassion by having various contests among students showcasing their talent especially in Filipino.

We would have folk dancing competitions. I remember myself being the star dancer in our dance act when I was in grade 3. We danced an Igorot dance, we wore costumes and had it with matching accessories and props like clay pots and bamboo that truly made us look like real Igorots and Igorotas.

I also remember joining Tula competition. I would practice for weeks, memorizing the poem, vocalizing and getting the right tone of my voice for the poem with actions to interpret it.

I also joined sanaysay competitions or essay writing competitions in Filipino. Writing in Filipino is a lot easier than writing in English, I must say. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to win in any of those writing competitions that I joined. The competition was tough. I was the school’s representative for BULPRISA or Bulacan Private Schools Association. So I competed against 25-30 students from other private schools in the other districts of Bulacan. Never the less, I was very thankful that I was chosen to represent our school in the said competition. I felt very honored.

….to be continued.